Bio: Patrick Waters

I’m a woodshop-esque teacher in an environmental science program in a very progressive therapeutic private school for students with neurological differences. My job involves a little of everything: lesson planning, curriculum building, community outreach, technology literacy (hence my blog), gardening, erecting permanent structures on campus, wearing a tool belt, generally being awesome and so on.

I’m a Texan by way of Virginia (like the original hero in the original western, The Virginian by Owen Wister) with die-hard Boston/Maine family connections and a love of the Pats and BoSox. I graduated from Virginia Tech in ’05 with a degree in English, on the Creative Writing track and have turned what is essentially a hobby into my career. I have a Master’s in Ed. for Curriculum & Instruction from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass. Check off the wife and two young children box, and yes, I’m living my dream everyday. I am, and have been, extremely blessed. You can catch my work, both in the shop and in the classroom, at

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