Custom Hive Board Game

by chriscauley
June 1, 2014

Clear acrylic was engraved, cut, and painted to create a custom version of the game Hive. This game includes all five original hive pieces (queen, ant, spider, grasshopper, and beetle), the three expansion tiles (mosquito, ladybug, and pillbug) and seven custom pieces which are not commercially available (mantis, fly, wasp, scorpion, road, dragonfly, and centipede). The seven custom pieces were born on the hive forums and taken from the pdf downloadable here (login required). I'll be putting the laser cutting files online soon as well as many more custom fan created pieces.

I should also emphasize that I had no input in the design of the artwork or rules behind hive or the custom pieces. I just admire the game and wanted to make a complete set of the original and custom pieces to show people at comicpalooza what can be done after taking a 3 hour class on laser cutting.

Material: Acrylic (Sheet), Paint

Machine: 4x5 CO2 Laser Cutter

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