Harry Potter LED Sign

by Rob
March 2, 2015

I designed the base to hold all of the components for the edge lit sign. I did learn a bit about dimensional change on the PLA. After making a million measurements with a caliper I had to go back and make everything bigger once I printed the first piece and it was all the wrong size.

My girlfriend's son is currently obsessed with Harry Potter. So I made him this customized led lit sign for his room for Christmas. The base is 3D printed and designed to hold the electronics for the RGB controller. I took the controller case apart and soldered the led strip directly to avoid needing to stuff the large plug in the base as well. The controller was removed from it's case to make it much smaller as well. The controller I bought came with a nice remote that lets you select from a ton of different colors and the ability for it to either fad between colors or switch quickly. You can even control the speed it changes.

The sign itself is laser etched acrylic.

Material: Acrylic (Sheet)

Machine: 4x5 CO2 Laser Cutter

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