Bio: Greg Southerland

I was Born in Japan on a military base. I have traveled and lived in many places around the world. I graduated from J.M. Patterson in Montgomery Alabama with an associate in Technical in Design. (no CAD back then) my hobbies and passion include electronics, and all things CNC. I work for an engineering firm S&B Engineers and Constructors LTD. My job is interfacing all instrumentation into plant control systems. We work in all type of industries, Refineries, chemical Plants, Power Plants, etc.

For the past 5 years I have been perfecting my knowledge of CNC PlasmaCAM Operation. I am also building my own CNC router table in my spare time. I look forward to having more people in the Lab able to make their ideas and designs a reality through the use of the tools and knowledge that exists at the lab. See you at the lab!

Classes taught