Bio: Veronica Triplett

Veronica Triplett is a visual artist, world traveler, and business owner, living in Houston, TX. Her love of art started with a few exceptional educators who cultivated her talents and provided the support and encouragement she needed to make her talent into a lifetime passion. Over time this passion evolved into a small company that centers around making her leather working, paintings and illustrations into products everyone can afford and enjoy. She primarily focuses on creating pieces that are accessible, things that tug at your heart strings, art that cutes people into submission or makes them smile. Seeing this joy is what drives her to continue to create and what keeps it fun.

She studied painting at Sheldon Jackson College of Alaska and Graphic Design at The Academy of Art San Francisco. She is one of the founding members of The Living Room Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Their primary mission was to create and sustain an environment that showcased local artists and musicians with a focus on building a community that welcomed and supported all creatives. She has also participated in several residencies, shows and exhibitions at home and abroad. Art is a central and formative element in her life and moving forward she hopes to push her boundaries, positively contribute to the thriving Houston art scene and continue to create and grow as an artist.

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