Bio: Kelly O'Brien

Kelly O’Brien is a Mechanical Engineer from the hoary lands of the Giant Northmen. Nursed on the oak-hard teats of a rabid wolverine, he learned to kill before he could walk. After a middling and short-lived career as a bare-knuckle rodeo clown, Kelly awoke one day aboard a steamboat carrying counterfeit designer shoes to the Port of Houston. Seven years later, his passage paid and freedom secure, he stumbled into TX/RX Labs with an insatiable hunger for teaching. In the real world he is a mechanical engineer specializing in mechanical design, with interests in fine craftsmanship, CNC machining and guerrilla art. Raised in Minnesota and educated at NDSU, Kelly came to Texas after a brief stint as a kayak guide in Alaska, snow board bum, and general wanderer. His new mission in life: Make Badass Stuff.

Classes taught