High(er) tech art cars for artists and hackers

Discover how to make things move; it's a lot easier than you think. The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Car ( http://www.SashimiTabernacleChoir.org ) will be used as an example to show how remarkable effects can be obtained in both low and high tech ways. The course will discuss easily available motors and actuators for use in art projects, and teach simple low-tech techniques for their control with switches and relays. The merits of various microprocessors and related gizmos for more advanced projects will be covered. Drilling holes in a perfectly good car will also occur.

This is a 6 hour course over 2 days.

* Fee Notes: 100% of the course fee, plus or minus a couple of bucks, goes to course materials (tools, companion textbook, etc) which you get to keep. Optionally, if you already have tools, I'll send you home with an Arduino instead.

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