3D Printing I

3D printing is powerful tool in fabrication, prototyping, and learning! This workshop covers the basics of how to design parts that can be 3D printed and will also cover printer operation.

By the end of the workshop, students will have prepared their own designs for printing and learned how to use one of the labs FDM [fused deposition modeling] based 3D printers. Students will start their 3D print at the end of the workshop and return at a later time to pick up their finished print.

Want to learn how to use the Form 2: SLA 3D printer? We cover that in a separate workshop: more info here

This workshop doesn't require knowledge of CAD [Computer Aided Design], but if you're interested in creating your own 3D designs to print on the 3D printers, you'll want to learn this as well. We offer a Fusion 360 workshop that covers this! Fusion 360

This workshop is appropriate for students 15 and older.

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