Fresh is Best: Growing Heirloom Tomatoes at Home

Instructor: Tommy Garcia-Prats

Description: Love fresh tomatoes but had a tough time growing your own in Houston? You’re not alone. Growing tomatoes in Houston’s climate can be a challenge to say the least. But, a consistent productive harvest is possible here. Come learn the basics about the heirloom tomato (planting times and varieties most suitable for Houston) and learn hands-on techniques for planting and trellising this popular garden fruit. Lastly, walk away with a few of La Finca’s farm grown heirloom transplants to get your home garden up and running for the spring!

NOTE: This class is hosted at Finca Tres Robles urban farm located at 257 N Greenwood St, Houston, TX 77011. Please email with any questions.

Weather Cancellation Policy: Classes may be cancelled by Finca Tres Robles in the case of severe weather; however classes will not automatically be cancelled due to rain. Please stay in contact with farm staff if concerned about weather. Classes will be rescheduled as necessary.