Fermentation Frying Plan: Sourdough Pancakes, Dosas, & Chutney

Grains developed with the advent of agriculture and fermentation was right in step. In this introductory class, come learn the magic of sourdough pancakes, dosas (lentil pancakes), coconut chutney, and soured oats. These delicious treats are healthier than most of their off-the-shelf alternatives as fermentation breaks down the enzymes which release the full nutritional value of the grain or bean.

Sourdough pancakes: Mix almost any combination of vegetables to make a thick and hearty pancake that has lots of nutrients and definitely feels like a full meal, with a sour kick to boot.

Dosas: a combination of lentils and rice are fermented with spice to make a batter than can be used to make thin pancakes, which are great for chutneys and dips. This class is more interested in fermenting the batter than mastering the beautiful flat and crispy texture of the dosa, but we will do our best to try!

Chutney: using beautiful west Indian spices we create a chutney that only increases in aroma and flavor as it ferments.

Soured Oats: a very simple way to break down enzymes to make the nutrients in oats and other grains more bioavailable while digesting. And it’s sour!

10% of the proceeds to this class current indigenous resistance projects and movements. In the past this money has gone to Two Rivers Camp, AIDA and Survival International. These groups champion tribal peoples and defend their land and culture. As we celebrate their wisdom in our class we will also be sending support for their way of living to continue. Scholarships are available. Please contact classes@smallplaces.org for more information.

Instructor: Andrew Cobb

NOTE: This class is hosted at Finca Tres Robles urban farm located at 257 N Greenwood St, Houston, TX 77011. Please email classes@smallplaces.org with any questions.

Weather Cancellation Policy: Classes may be cancelled by Finca Tres Robles in the case of severe weather; however classes will not automatically be cancelled due to rain. Please stay in contact with farm staff if concerned about weather. Classes will be rescheduled as necessary.

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