Build: Nixie Tube Clock

In this class we will make from scratch an awesome nixie tube clock to put to use all the skills acquired from the classes listed in the prereqs. This class will really tie everything together and show you how using the diverse skills learned inthe other classes you can take a project from start to finish with great results. Participants will design, layout, and fabricate their own pcbs for the clock, then fabricate their own enclosure on the laser cutter. Tying it all together we will write the source code for the clock ourselves!

A must for anyone who has been having trouble getting started building especially using the arduino! Each student will leave with their very own beautiful one of a kind nixie tube clock.

* Fee Notes: Includs cost of all components to build a take home nixie tube clock.

Prerequisites: PCB layout w/Eagle, PCB Fabrication, Laser Cutting, Circuit Theory I, Arduino I, Soldering I, Soldering II

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