Intro: SQL Server and T-SQL

Subject: Programming
Taught by Jeremy S.
  1. Saturday June 8, 9:00 - 12:00 PM

Installation of SQL Server. Creating a database and security options for accessing it. Creating schemas, tables (with proper keys), stored procedures, functions, and understanding their purposes. Inserting, updating, selecting, and deleting data from tables.

Requirements: Windows 7 laptop


bebuxe - Wednesday, 29 May at 03:30

So what version of T-SQL do we need to install? Or will a copy be provide? PS I really wanted this to be about pgSQL, but I can live with this intro.

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jeremysouthard - Wednesday, 29 May at 06:07

The installation process is part of the class due to the multitude of options during installation, but I can write up a quick installation guide and give you the settings to select if you want to get started on your own. Is that something you'd be interested in?

I've never used postgreSQL so I can't comment on the differences without parroting the results from a google search on a comparison, but I assume the basic T-SQL information would apply in most cases. I prefer to create, modify, and delete the database objects via T-SQL, so this class will not take you through the SQL Server "wizards" for creating them, but show how to write a script to do the work. I find this to be a faster method of database object manipulation, with the added benefit of understanding "why" these objects work the way they do.

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bebuxe - Wednesday, 29 May at 07:01

Ah, no then. If installation is part of the class, then I'd rather enjoy it there. I am just too excited to learn after finally taken the time to at the least get acquainted with the ACID standard. PS Hopefully I'll be come a nightly member too they day before. I am way past my bedtime posting this. I still have books collecting dust, e.g. ISBN 0-9546120-2-7.

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