Airbrush I

Subject: Art & Craft
Taught by Susan W.
  1. Sunday November 17, 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Learn how to airbrush. You will learn how to mask off areas to paint, how to spray, how to clean your airbrush, what kinds of paints to use, how to prep your surface and much, much more. You will take your very own airbrush home at the end of this class so you can continue to practice and create at home!

* Fee Notes: includes starter airbrush for students to take home.


Meganopteryx - Sunday, 10 November at 08:40

Will we need a compressor if we are going to continue using the airbrush at home?

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rtavk3 - Friday, 15 November at 09:20

yes, you will need some sort of compressed air supply, not necessarily a large compressor though they make small table top units for air brushes!

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