3D Printing I

Subject: Fabrication
Taught by Roland v.
  1. Sunday August 11, 12:00 - 4:00 PM

The class will focus on the important concepts of designing parts that can be 3D printed and also teach participants how to operate the labs 3D Printers. By the end of the course students will printed their own 3D parts using their own designs or those provided for them.


txumbro - Saturday, 3 August at 22:14

Hello, I noticed that this class if 'full'. Is there anyway you can squeeze one more in. Please let me know. Thanks. David

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rtavk3 - Saturday, 3 August at 22:16

yea, ok just come out that day and you can pay cash or check!

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kmorg09 - Monday, 5 August at 00:40

this is probably a stretch, but any chance there's room for a second "just one more?" Clearly I procrastinated on registering too long. Totally understand if not, just figured it's worth asking :) Katrina

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rtavk3 - Monday, 5 August at 16:21

ok thats fine but last person, anyone else will have to take the next 3d printing class coming up.

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